On-Site and In-House Machine Repair Services

When a machine breaks down, fast action is required to avoid a lengthy disruption to your manufacturing process. J A Equipment Specialist can provide prompt, on-site repair service that can get your machine up and running again in no time.

We can perform all types of basic electrical and mechanical repairs and conduct troubleshooting steps to locate and correct faults in hydraulic and electronic systems.

If we cannot remedy the problem on-site, we can dismantle the machine, remove the damage components and transport them to our facility for more extensive repair work.

Our in-house machine repair services provide the perfect solution for more seriously damaged machine components.

Our repair capabilities extend to all types of heavy machinery. Specific examples include metal fabrication machinery repair, milling machine repair and manual turning machine repair. We can also repair brakes, lathes, grinders, hydraulic presses and much more.

Make us Your Industrial Machinery Refurbishment Company

Our expert industrial machinery refurbishment service can restore older machines to like-new condition. We will work closely with you to determine the appropriate level of refurbishment to meet the demands of your production schedule and applications and maximize your return on investment. Depending on the situation, machine refurbishment can entail steps such as retooling and reconditioning.  In addition to improving the performance and productivity of your equipment, proper machine refurbishments can extend its lifespan.

Complete Machinery Rebuilding

In some cases, the best alternative is to essentially tear down a machine and rebuild it from scratch. J A Equipment Specialist can take on the difficult challenge of complete machinery rebuilding. We will begin by thoroughly inspecting your machine and providing you with a realistic assessment of the amount of work involved and the time it will take to complete your machine rebuilding project. We will also let you know what you can expect from your rebuild from a performance, quality and productivity standpoint.

Our rebuilding process includes a complete disassembly of the machine and a thorough inspection of its parts and components. We will repair any damaged parts or replace them as needed. We will also perform resurfacing and rewiring and install new electronics and electrical devices. When the machinery rebuilding job is done, we’ll conduct a complete inspection and perform testing to ensure our workmanship meets the highest possible quality standards.

Why choose us for Machine Repair, Refurbishment or Rebuilding?

When you select J A Equipment Specialist for your machine repair, refurbishment or rebuilding project, you get an experienced company with a long track record of achieving successful outcomes for our customers. We proudly serve small, medium and Fortune 500 companies in a diverse range of industries including aerospace, energy, food processing, general manufacturing and many others. We stay up-to-date on the latest machine technology and understand how to implement it to the benefit of our customers.


All machinery rebuilding, refurbishment, and repair work is conducted by our experienced technicians who are familiar will all types of newer and older machines. Our team includes certified welders, electricians and machinists who are committed to delivering exceptional value for every customer. We provide all team members with the latest tools, equipment and technology they need to complete the job quickly and efficiently